Transfer Rumors 2013 – Juventus & Arsenal Battling for Gonzalo Higuain

As the summer gets closer and the days get hotter, it also gets clearer that Gonzalo Higuain won’t be playing for Real Madrid next season, as both Arsenal and Juventus are trying to be the team the Argentine striker chooses for his next club.

Higuain, 25, has said he’s tried of being strung around each summer with all the talk of Real Madrid wanting to sell him, not to mentions not being a full-time first team player bothering as well. Real Madrid have seen plenty of goals from him since getting him from River Plate (122 goals in 266 matches), knowing that the money they’ll get for him will be put to good use, and feeling quite confident they can replace the production he gave them.

Gonzalo Higuain Real Madrid

But to where? The price range seems to be something around £20-25 million, which gives Arsenal the edge, because according to rumors Juventus won’t spend more than £20 million on the player. Yet it is the meetings between the clubs and the player (along with his father) that will decide his future destination, and according to reports from Spain, Italy and England, there’s no decider in that are yet.

According to certain rumors, Arsene Wenger has already met with both Higuain and his father, Jorge, trying to convince them to join the Premier League and come to London. While Higuain has already mentioned his desire to play in the Premier League, Juventus offer a better chance for titles and probably European glory, even though if it initially means a little less money.

During the legends match this weekend Juventus representatives were spotted in Madrid, also sitting down with Higuain, hoping to convince him that the Series A is a much better place for him to develop as a player, probably citing the greater success Argentina players have had in Italy, not to mention the last two league titles and potential Champions League success in Northern Italy being another strong selling point.

While Higuain has been very productive, including 16 league goals last season, it’s his big-match ability that keeps him on shaky ground at Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti, if he becomes the manager eventually (he should be very shortly), will have the final decision, but no one is going to shed any tears if Higuain eventually leaves.

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