Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Trying to Bring Back Xabi Alonso

Young Xabi Alonso

While there is a policy of not bringing in “old” players, Liverpool might be making more than a subtle move to try and bring back Xabi Alonso from Real Madrid, hoping the rumors of his unhappiness at the club are true.

Alonso played for Liverpool from 2004 to 2009, winning the Champions League with the club in 2005 and his sale to Real Madrid after the 2008-2009 season is considered one of the main reasons for the beginning of the club’s decline after a very successful decade and especially under Rafa Benitez.

He was sold for £31.1 million, but that money was either spent foolishly (Glen Johsnon, Aquilani) or used to take care of the former owners’ debts, crippling the club at that time.

Alonso spent four seasons with Real Madrid, part of the ‘Galacticos’ movement being revived, winning one championship and reaching the Champions League semifinal three times. However, his connection with Liverpool was never severed, and the last couple of seasons and especially 2012-2013 and the terrible social situation at the club, usually having to do with something Jose Mourinho has said or done has gotten Alonso to start thinking once again about returning to the Premier League, who he enjoys more than the La Liga according to certain reports.

But can Liverpool sign him? Alonso’s contract does run out at the end of this season, which means Real Madrid won’t be asking too much for the 31 year old player (turning 32 in a few months), but the Liverpool policy is about signing young players only, unless a free transfer happens to present itself, like the case of Kolo Toure last month, joining the team.

Still, Brendan Rodgers might not get his wish for extra funds to spend on such a player from the board, not to mention Real Madrid still seeing Alonso as a vital part of their present and near future, considered as the best, or one of the best, deep-laying playmakers in the world. However, the signing of Asier Illarramendi from Real Sociedad might call for an omission from the team’s roster, and Alonso, who began his career with Sociedad as well, might be the one that eventually is asked to leave.

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