Transfer Rumors 2013 – Liverpool Trying to Sign Toby Alderweireld

Toby Alderweireld

As if the English Premier League didn’t have enough Belgian players, Liverpool have now turned their attentions to Toby Alderweiereld from Ajax, hoping the young centre back is going to be easier to bring over than Kyriakos Papadopoulos turned out to be.

Papadopoulos was Liverpool’s initial in their quest for a new centre back, replacing Jamie Carragher who recently retired. In truth, Martin Skrtel was the one who should have been replacing Carragher, but the Slovakian international had a disastrous first half to last season, sending him to the bench, with Rodgers calling upon Carragher to give a little bit more of himself before the end of his career.

Papadopoulos himself showed signs of interest in Liverpool’s offer, but Schalke weren’t in the mood for negotiations. Liverpool waved the williningness to pay £12 million for the Greek international, but Schalke wouldn’t even enter negotiations.

Realizing they would have to offer a lot more for Papadopoulos, Liverpool withdrew from the chase, deciding paying more than they planned for on a player that recently went through a serious knee injury that might hurt his future career isn’t worth it.

So now they turn their attentions to Alderweireld, a 24-year old centre back who has been a starter for Ajax these last four seasons, winning three consecutive league titles. His talents haven’t gone unnoticed by the Belgian national team, the hottest thing in Europe these past 18 months, as it seems the talent and potential is finally coming together, taking the national side to the World Cup in Brazil.

Alderweireld has one more season left on his contract with Ajax, and has decided he won’t be extending it, after getting a lot of interest over the last couple of years from clubs around Europe, knowing his ability for both the Dutch champions and the national side (24 caps so far) can get him more money.

Liverpool aren’t the only team after him – Napoli and Bayer Leverkusen have flashed their interest in the player, meaning that Brendan Rodgers, quite busy in securing offensive talent these last couple of weeks, might need to quickly turn his attention elsewhere so he can finally take care of a glaring problem in Liverpool’s lineup.

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