Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester City Next on the Robert Lewandowski Train

Robert Lewandoski Cup Winner

It seems things have died down a little bit on the ‘Robert Lewandowski leaving Borussia Dortmund front’, but that doesn’t mean the Bundesliga & Champions League runners-up can relax. Manchester City are the next team trying to get their hands on the Polish striker, after it seems we’ll never hear about him again this summer.

Lewandowski turned down Real Madrid, saying he only wants to play for Bayern Munich, who Dortmund refuse to sell to. It’s one thing seeing the future of your team, Mario Gotze, leave through a release clause (€37 million) to your current biggest rival for local and partially European domination, but it’s another to let your star striker go their willingly.

So Lewandowski is at the moment on a path to remain at Dortmund, which means he’ll be a free player in a year from now, not willing to renew his contract. Some say his agent is the one calling the shots, having Lewandowski convinced that staying in Germany and playing for Bayern Munich, even if some salary offers from other clubs (Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City) might be greater, but his brand name will be at its peak in Germany, playing for the biggest club around, who just happen to be the European champions.

But City haven’t made their offer yet, and maybe when Lewandowski and his crew hear about their offer, they’ll change their mind. Without the expiring contract, Dortmund would have been able to ask, and receive, the same amount they sold Gotze for. Considering the circumstances, teams won’t be offering them more than €30 million for the player who has scored 66 goals over the last couple of seasons in all competitions.

With Carlos Tevez already sold, City will now press harder to find Manuel Pellegrini a striker to his linking. Regardless of the potential sale of Edin Dzeko, who plays in a very similar style to Lewandowski, it seems City want to add a third high-caliber striker to their team before deciding on any more departures, hoping Lewandowski is convinced they’re the best team to join for financial reasons.

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