Transfer Rumors 2014 – Manchester United & Chelsea Interested in Signing Viktor Fischer

Viktor Fischer

There’s always a player or two on Ajax that turns the heads of the bigger clubs in Europe. The same can be said for Viktor Fischer, who is getting plenty of attention from Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich recently, which might mean the 19-year old won’t be staying with the Dutch champions for much longer.

According to A Bola, besides the aforementioned clubs there’s also interest coming from Manchester City and Roma in the player, who is usually positioned as a left winger in a 4-3-3 setup but can also play as the centre forward if necessary. He scored 10 league goals for Ajax in his debut season for the team, and has so far added 3 goals and 4 assists to his career tally this season.

Fischer is another link in the long line of Danish players to do very well at Ajax. Just this summer Christian Eriksen was sold to Tottenham for €13.5 million, which will probably be the price for Fischer as well, signed until 2017 at the Dutch club.

Ajax don’t tend to hold on to their players forever, and usually don’t make too much of a fuss if someone wants to leave. Eriksen waited until he felt he did everything he could with the club before finally agreeing to leave and join the Premier League team. Fischer might be waiting to do the same, or at least wait for an offer which makes him a bit more certain he’ll get playing time instead of rotting away on the bench.

That is why the offers from Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Manchester City might be tempting, but the chances of getting meaningful playing tame aren’t that great. Fischer isn’t exactly consistent in his production against much weaker Eredivisie opponents, so it’s safe to assume he’s in for quite a challenge if he joins teams from stronger leagues.

Staying at Ajax a bit longer might be better for all sides. Eventually he’ll move on, but probably as a better player if it happens in 18 months from now. Ajax can probably fetch a better price for him, while the interested parties, obviously making this as a signing for the future and not the now, will have a much better understanding of how good is he.

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