Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Might Sell Javier Hernandez to Valencia


While the focus at Manchester United seems to be on other players, Chicharito himself is also someone who hasn’t been exactly completely happy with his place in the club, which might lead to a bid from Valencia for the player, in need of a new striker pretty soon according to most accounts.

Hernandez hasn’t been part of the disappointing performance by the Mexicans in the Gold Cup, their road ending in the semifinal with a 2-1 loss to Panama, although he has been a part of the national side’s terrible World Cup qualifying campaign, which hasn’t been going smoothly as well.

Last summer there were plenty of rumors surrounding his future once Robin van Persie was signed, but Hernandez remained, scoring 10 league goals in 22 matches, although he was clearly unhappy with the amount of minutes and matches he was getting.

So far United have been more focused on the players they haven’t been able to bring (Fabregas, Thiago) and the whole Wayne Rooney saga, but Hernandez seems to still be in the same position he has been since arriving at the club – a backup striker, which shouldn’t be his situation, even if it is for Manchester United.

Valencia are trying to hold on to Roberto Soldado, but Tottenham are hard on his trail, and eventually, as with all big-time Valencia players over the last few years, he’ll eventually be sold, with their financial problems too big to ignore. That will leave them looking for a quality striker to replace him, and that might lead them to Hernandez himself.

United, at the moment, have four strikers with Van Persie, Rooney, Hernandez and Welbeck, but Rooney might not begin the season with the team; Welbeck has more tactical uses that his actual ability to score goals, which leaves Moyes with Hernandez as Van Persie’s backup, which doesn’t make it very likely they’ll be selling him unless he plans on adding more players until the start of the season, which is just around the corner.

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