Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Not Giving Up on Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas Barca

When you’re desperate to sign a player, no doesn’t really qualify for an answer, and so Manchester United are likely to make a third offer for Cesc Fabregas, after Barcelona rejected the first two.

The same Fabregas who pretty much forced Arsene Wenger’s hand two years ago in order to join the club he grew up in. Is Fabregas that eager to part ways with Barcelona? It’s not quite clear, but it does make sense that he hasn’t refused the notion, because United would have stopped making offers and letting them be made public if Cesc would have officially refused them.

However, Barcelona aren’t interested in selling, and rejected the first two bids for £25 million and £30 million. According to the Guardian, United are ready to launch a third bid, worth £35 million, which would mean a new club record for a transfer fee.

But it’s hard to see Barcelona letting go of Fabregas, even then. His time at the Nou Camp has been a lot more successful than some like to try and make it look like, but Barcelona themselves have other things in mind – The Xavi – Iniesta duo isn’t going to last forever. They already sold Thiago Alcantara to Bayern Munich, and it’s hard to believe they’ll sell another big part of their midfield-future and start from scratch in the search for an heir.

For United, it’s about actually adding talent to their depleted midfield, but also about making a statement. David Moyes needs a signature signing to cast away early doubts about his ability to draw in the premier talent, which hasn’t been very successful for him after the first month at the job.

For now, friendlies alone can’t satisfy the hunger to see some meaningful achievements. During the summer, the only real achievements you can notch up is making impressive signings. United are hoping Fabregas can be their first of this offseason.

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