Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Trying to Sign Robert Lewandowski Again

Robert Lewandowski

The Robert Lewandowski stories just won’t quit, even if it has become quite clear to everyone that he isn’t an easy sell. Manchester United are trying to speed up the process of bringing in a big name, possibly slightly worried about the happenings around them, and are trying to restart negotiations with Borussia Dortmund once again.

According to ESPNthe wheels are back in motion for this one, although the attempts might be futile. Dortmund’s first option is keeping Lewandowski on the team. This means losing the transfer fee that will come with selling him, as his contract runs out by the end of the season, while trying to get him to re-sign on a deal that will pay him €4-5 million a season.

The other option has been selling him to anyone but Bayern Munich (who haven’t actually made an offer, but are actually letting Lewandowski and his agent do all the work for them). Real Madrid have had an offered rejected by the player himself, and there’s a chance Chelsea have also made a similar move, only to have their offer rebuffed by the Polish striker.

Manchester United are hoping this doesn’t happen to them. An offer of around €25 million, possibly even slightly less, might be enough to get Dortmund’s approval to enter negotiations. The problem is Lewandwoski himself, who is intent on moving to Bayern Munich, convinced that his brand value will be at its highest playing for an Adidas club in Germany, without the competition that follows with other players for market share in the Premier League or in the La Liga.

There are worries creeping towards United about David Moyes. Not his managerial abilities (that might come later in the season), but about his appeal in signing international stars and players. Not that United have been that successful in recruiting big names outside the Premier League, but now, without Alex Ferguson, their brand name isn’t as strong as it used to be, and without overpaying a team and a player, their chances of competing for the top talents have taken a hit.

Lewandowski isn’t a do-or-die test case, but being unable to sign him or any other top name striker that they have on their list might signal that Moyes’ job is even tougher than previously thought – not just carrying on with Ferguson’s success, but proving that United aren’t a lesser club because of the new man in charge.

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