Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Want Goalkeeper David Gil

Having one David Gil or Spanish goalkeepers from Atletico Madrid isn’t enough for Manchester United, who are hoping to sign the 18 year old from the number two team in Spain.

Well, it won’t be that confusing. Gil isn’t pronounced the same way in English and Spanish, and the United chief executive is named David Gill, so, there you have it. Also, one is a teenager who has yet to play for the first team while the other is a 55 year old British person.

United, through Alex Ferguson’s brother, Martin, have been scouting the young talent, who has appeared for Spain’s u-16, u-18, u-19 and u-20 levels, for about a couple of years now, and are hoping that they’ll manage to get their hands on him before Atletico Madrid’s manager, Diego Simeone, promotes him to the first team. There are many who think that when Thibaut Courtois returns to Chelsea, it’ll be Gil’s chance to take the first team goalkeeper spot.

United have already purchased one keeper for Atletico Madrid; David de Gea for £17 million just over a year ago, a move that hasn’t been really successful for the club. Despite being only 22 and obviously far from his full potential, there are many who think De Gea doesn’t have what it takes to become a first class goalkeeper in the Premier League, and United should either cut their losses now or at least loan him out back to Spain in order for him to have his costly growing pains somewhere else.

In terms of attempting to make some rushed, steal of a signing, it won’t work. Gil is contacted to Atletico Madrid till 2015, which means there’s really no rush in selling him to help the club in its financial troubles. Sergio Asenjo, another goalkeeper who was predicted to be the next best thing for Spain but quickly fell behind De Gea and later Courtois is still the backup goalkeeper for Atletico, which means that Gil won’t have such an easy time capturing the first team jersey over there, but it’ll still be easier than with Manchester United.