Transfer Rumors 2013 – Manchester United Will Sign Leighton Baines

Leighton Baines Everton

It doesn’t feel like Everton can keep rejecting Manchester United forever when it comes to Leighton Baines, and eventually, the right bid will come along to bring the English left-back to Old Trafford and reunite with his former manager.

Finally making a move for a former Moyes player, United offered £12 million which was quickly rejected. It feels like some sort of insulting bid, because United knew right off the bat that Baines wasn’t going to be available for less than £15 million, and from the current looks of things, anything less than £20 million won’t do now.

United have been after Baines for a very long time, but initially this summer the thought was that Everton won’t be selling the player no matter what, and Marouane Fellaini, with his release clause, is going to be the easier player to obtain. But teams are steering clear of Fellaini for now, possibly because of his wage demands and for the fear of him being a bit overvalued at £22 million.

Baines? He was the popular choice for best left back in the Premier League for the past couple of years, scoring 5 goals and adding 7 assists last season, playing in all 38 matches for Everton. Baines has been with the Toffees since 2007, signed £6 million from Wigan, and has since played 246 times for Everton, scoring 22 goals, becoming more and more involved in the attacking game over the last 3-4 years, especially through his set pieces.

The 28-year old has also become a much more important fixture for the England national team, now considered as the first-choice left back, providing attacking abilities that Ashely Cole never could while his defense has faltered.

Patrice Evra is on the same course, despite his knack for scoring goals last season. Baines is now a better defender and obviously with the ball, and it seems that Buttner isn’t going to be someone United build on for years to come. Eventually, Everton will have to say yes, but that is if only United and Moyes stop undervaluing Baines with slightly redundant offers, knowing they won’t be accepted.

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