Transfer Rumors 2013 – PSG Trying to Sign David Luiz

The “news” of Chelsea not really wanting to hold on to David Luiz anymore just won’t go away, which is fine with Paris Saint-Germain, seeking to create a star-duo of Brazilian centre backs in Ligue 1, hoping to sign him very soon.

By partnering Luiz up with Thiago Silva, PSG are to recreate the national team’s defensive unit, although there have also been talks of both Silva and Luiz being considered by Barcelona for next season. At the moment, there have been no advancements in that area, which means PSG are free for now to pursue their on endeavors, which go way beyond simply winning the French League again, but mostly about moving a step forward in the Champions League after getting knocked out in the quarterfinals last season.

David Luiz, Thiago Silva

David Luiz was one of Chelsea’s best players last season, but it seems Jose Mourinho might not be too into him and his ability to build up attacks from the back or play in the defensive midfielder role. Luiz was signed for €30 million from Benfica in 2011, but might cost slightly less (€25 million according to the Daily Mirror) if PSG are seriously interested in him.

Luiz would bring a nice contrast to Thiago Silva, who is a fantastic man marker but is less known for his technical ability or versatility in terms of being able to play beyond that one specific role. Luiz is just as good in the air with Silva, and his experience of playing alongside him for the national team shouldn’t hurt one bit.

So far, compared to the previous two seasons, it’s been a quiet summer for PSG, who have watched Monaco grab most of the headlines in France with their spending. Maybe it’s a chance of course for PSG, trying to fall inline with the trend of less spending and basing themselves on the very strong squad they’ve built since the new ownership arrived, or maybe it’s simply about being patient and maybe even better, discrete.