Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea & Manchester City Interested Trying to Sign Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez & Daughter

The chase for Luis Suarez seems to be in a constant state of shifting, with teams adding up to sign the Uruguayan striker from Liverpool, with Real Madrid and Manchester City joining Arsenal and Chelsea.

If you thought the reason for Suarez wanting to leave Liverpool was only about being unable to handle the English media, think again. Suarez, talking to a Uruguayan radio show, confirmed he will be reporting to the Liverpool training camp as planned, but one phone call can change everything.

His agent, talking to a different media outlet, made things a little bit clear. Suarez simply wants to play for a team that’s going to be in the Champions League next season, and he doesn’t mind anymore if it’s Real Madrid, anyone else in the La Liga or one of Liverpool’s Premier League rivals.

Both the Sun & the Star are reporting that Manchester City and Real Madrid, still not making an offer for the player, have joined Arsenal (who are the only side to actually contact Liverpool with a concrete offer) and Chelsea in the hunt for a player that scored 23 goals last season, and will miss the first six matches of next one (in England at least) due to his 10-match suspension for biting Bransilav Ivanovic.

Liverpool have been against the idea of selling Suarez from the first moment it was mentioned, but keeping someone who doesn’t want to play for you isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and usually comes with a price that eventually might not be worth it.

One thing to learn from the past is being decisive. Arsene Wenger tried to keep Cesc Fabregas for an entire summer and lost him at the very last minute, not having enough time to find a decent replacement. If Liverpool do realize that keeping Suarez is going to be quite difficult, and there are takers for him at £35-40 million (or even more), they should decide quickly on it, so Brendan Rodgers won’t be caught by surprise with too little time to react.

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