Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Might Sell Mesut Ozil to Manchester United

Mesut Ozil Real Madrid

It’s very rare that a player doing well as Mesut Ozil becomes available for sale from a club that usually has the upper hand in any transfer hand wrestling situation, but money needs to be raised, and Manchester United seem to be interested and willing to pay.

According to reports in Germany and specifically the Bild, in order to generate the money they need for the Gareth Bale transfer, Real Madrid are willing to sell one of their best players.

Ozil has been one of the best midfielders in Europe over the last three seasons, scoring 19 goals and adding 55 assists, and yet it’s going to be him that has to pay the price for the arrival of Bale, with the fight for the lineup spots getting even harder and more complicated.

Manchester United and specifically David Moyes need to get a major signing going on, and Ozil seems like the only one they have a good chance of signing at the moment. At the beginning of the transfer rumor mill between the two teams for the players, it looked like a wild goose chase, but the materializing of the Bale deal forces Real Madrid to take a different stance on Ozil.

According to the reports in Germany, it should cost around €45 million for United to sign Ozil, who already had his moments of wanting to leave the club last season when he and Jose Mourinho had an early fallout during the beginning of the season.

How does Ozil feel about all of this? While he doesn’t mind competing for a place in the lineup, which he has usually come out on top of over the last three seasons, this time it feels different. It seems like Isco will be the preferred player if there’s going to be a competition between the two for the final spot, while Gareth Bale will take up a place without any question.

It’s still only media-based rumors without anything substantial happening, but the moment Bale is announced as a Real Madrid player, there’s a good chance things move forward quite quickly on Ozil and possibly other players.

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