Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Offering a Mega Contract to Cristiano Ronaldo

Few players in this world are irreplaceable, but Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those select few. Real Madrid can sell him for all the money they’d want, but there’s just no player of his quality to be found for any price, regardless of how much Manchester United, Monaco or PSG pay for him.

The stories say that those who want him are willing to offer more than £80 million (the fee that was paid for him in 2009) in order to lure him away from Real Madrid, where he has spent the last four seasons, and last year showed signs of wanting away.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Coentrao

But things have changed since the early days of the 2012-2013 season. Real Madrid’s campaign picked up, mostly thanks to his ability, although it wasn’t enough to catch up with Barcelona or find themselves in the Champions League final; Jose Mourinho is gone, which means a lot of players in the Real Madrid dressing room are a lot happier than before, even if  big part of the blame of the social deterioration at the club is on them as well; and the new contract, which might be the thing more important to him than anything else.

It’s not always about money. Many fans think that making €5 million a season or €10 million a season isn’t such a big difference. Both offer sums no normal person is ever going to achieve by working a lot harder than any other athlete ever will. But it’s about more than money for certain players, and especially with a big ego like Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s about respect, and feeling appreciated. Believe it or not, many people don’t feel like they’re treated fairly unless they’re paid the sums they’re thinking of.

For Ronaldo, it’s not only the salary figure, but more. It’s about not just being in the top 10 earners in the world from the sport, but but about leading the pack, or being very close to it, and making more than Lionel Messi if possible. It’s about controlling his image rights, which at the moment split 60-40 in his favor, but Ronaldo is pushing for a 70-30 split which has been one of the major causes for the contract not to be signed.


Real Madrid know that eventually, stalling too much might offend their touchy star a little bit too much, and things might get out of hand. So they’re willing to offer him the world, or something close to that. The Sun are reporting that Real Madrid are offering Ronaldo £125 million over the next five years, although that does sound a bit outrageous, even for him, although it might include certain incentives and not the base salary. That kind of money means £68,000 a day, just to wrap your head around things.

Other reports have suggested that Ronaldo and his representatives, aware of the threat Monaco are posing on the global game in terms of being able to offer pretty much any sum, have demanded £30 million a season, but once again, that just sounds like a speculation gone a bit wild. Ronaldo is going to get paid a lot, whether it’s €17 million or €20 million a season. Whatever keeps him on the team and happy, it seems Real Madrid are willing to do it.

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