Transfer Rumors 2013 – Real Madrid Will Try to Sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Carlo Ancelotti

It’s impossible to tell how long Zlatan Ibrahimovic will stay on any team he plays for, but the arrival of Edinson Cavani to PSG might probably hasten his departure, while Carlo Ancelotti, who coached him in Paris last season, is pushing Real Madrid to make an offer for the Swedish striker.

Despite being in his 30’s, there’s a good chance Ibrahimovic is the best striker in the world, scoring 30 league goals last season for Saint-Germain, leading them to their first championship since 1994. The problem is his ego, and the style he forces his team to play. There is no room for other target men next to him, especially one that seeks to be dominant as Cavani as well.

With the arrival of the Uruguayan, it seems that the unstable Ibrahimovic is already seeking for a way out, and playing for Ancelotti at Real Madrid sounds like a very good option for the player. Meanwhile, the Italian manager, not very long at his job at the Santiago Bernabeu, is pushing the board to try and sign the player, who cost PSG €21 million a year ago, arriving from AC Milan.

So what is it about? Some say that Ibrahimovic feels that leaving to Real Madrid, playing under Ancelotti and next to Cristiano Ronaldo, is his best shot of winning the Champions League. Ibrahimovic has won league titles in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France, but the Champions League title is something that has been alluding him his entire career, never reaching the final of the competition.

It might be a blend of manager-champions league fever and ego; but let’s not forget: Real Madrid have Cristiano Ronaldo on the team, and the last time Ibrahimovic played next to a star of that magnitude, in Barcelona next to Lionel Messi (2009-2010), it didn’t end on the best of terms.

Maybe “demonizing” Ibrahimovic is the wrong way to look at it. After all, according to reports in Spain, he’s willing to lower his salary of €14 million a season in order to play for Real Madrid, where he feels he has a better shot of challenging for the trophy. While Real Madrid have been working on a more local scale so far this season, it’s hard to pass up on an opportunity to sign someone like Ibrahimovic.

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