Transfer Rumors 2013 – The Many Options of Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

The deeper we go into the summer, it seems like the situation for Wayne Rooney and Manchester United is getting stickier, and another option for a new team pops up. The current list? Arsenal, Chelsea and Real Madrid, all waiting to see how the talk between the player and new manager David Moyes goes.

The growing concern at Manchester United is that Wayne Rooney is past the point of no return, and there’s nothing that will convince him into staying another season. While Alex Ferguson has been able to keep him on board during past deputes, his relationship with Moyes has been strained over the years, and it’s not likely that the former Everton manager will be able to keep him.

Rooney himself? According to certain sources, his favorite option at the moment is Chelsea. At the time, Jose Mourinho was mentioned as someone who might be interested in the English international as a possible new addition to Real Madrid. And even if Chelsea don’t have Rooney on top of their signing list, taking a player of this quality from the best team in England, according to last season, is good enough of a reason to spend that kind of money on him.

Arsenal have been mentioned more than anyone as a team interested in Rooney, but the question about their ability to pay the kind of wages he probably expects tends to make people skeptical about the team’s chances to convince him to sign with them, if they get Manchester United to accept as well.

And just like every time Rooney’s situation with Manchester United has been unstable over the last few years, there are those at Real Madrid who would love seeing him join them. Carlo Ancelotti would love to see Rooney join him at the Santiago Bernabeu, but as anything involving Real Madrid and Manchester United, it opens another door.

The media won’t quit the Cristiano Ronaldo “returning home” angle, and are now claiming that if Rooney actually does sign with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is slightly likelier to make his Old Trafford return, even if financially it just doesn’t look like something that might happen.

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