Vasco da Gama Go Down in a Blaze of Violence Against Atlético Paranaense


If there was something else the organizing committee for Brazil 2014 didn’t need was some fan violence in the  Brasileiro, as the match between Vasco and Atletico Paranaense, held in Joinville, Santa Catarina, had to be stopped during the first half as firms from both teams clashed in the stands, resulting in a massive brawl leaving two fans critically wounded.

The result? Not that it really matters when something like this happens, but Vasco lost 5-1, meaning that they’re relegated along with Fluminense. Paranaense, on the other hand, clinched their spot for the Copa Libertadores, making it to South America’s most prestigious competition for only the fourth time, the first being in 2000.

The police had to intervene at some stage as matters went back and forth – Paranaense fans charging at Vasco fans, running away and then charging back again. Even when the riot police did intervene, firing rubber bullets to disperse the masses, small groups of fans were seen kicking someone on the ground, and the camera caught views or unconscious people on the ground after suffering from a severe beating.

The match was stopped after 15 minutes until the rioting ceased. Players from both clubs tried to call out to the fans and calm them down, but not until the police intervened did anything come to a halt. Policemen weren’t in the ground initially; instead security guards were in place to keep the fans from both sides away from each other, although it clearly didn’t work out.

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