Video: Goalkeeper booked twice as a penalty kick was retaken 3 times & then was saved by a defender

Saving a penalty kick in soccer isn’t easy. Definitely saving two penalty kicks in a row. However, saving 3 penalties kicks in a row is out of this world. This is exactly what happened in yesterday’s game between Ergene Velimese and Usakspor.

A very strange and bizarre incident happened yesterday in a soccer game between Usakspor and Ergene Velimese who played in the Turkish 3rd division.

Usakspor goalkeeper Ersin Aydin saved two penalties one right after another before being sent off against Ergene Velimese. Because Usakspor goalkeeper Aydin moved before the penalty kick was taken the goal was disallowed. The goalie was even awarded a yellow card. The same thing happened after the second penalty kick was taken but this time, Usakspor Goalkeeper Ersin Aydin was sent off with a red card.

Because Usakspor already did all of their substitutions in the game, Aydin’s replacement was Levent Aktug who is playing as a defender but yesterday needed to step up and replace the goalkeeper. Levent Aktug saved the 3rd penalty kick and was the hero of the day.

You can watch this bizarre incident in the video that is embedded in the tweet below, pretty crazy stuff, right?

If you pay close attention to the 3rd kick, you can see that Usakspor’s players actually went inside of the box before the kick during the 3rd penalty kick as well, which should lead to a 4th penalty kick. but I guess the referee was too scared this time to disallow the goal. three times is enough indeed. I wonder what VAR would have done in this scenario.

Below you can see highlights of some soccer games when goalkeepers actually saved triple penalties in one match: