Walace of Brazil Takes Time Wasting to a Whole New Disgusting Level


Cheating, diving, time wasting and faking injuries are huge ills of the most popular sport in the world, yet it’s not going anywhere. Brazilian defender Walace took it to a whole new disgusting level in the South American U-20 championship match between Brazil and Uruguay that ended in a 0-0 draw.

After getting sent off in the 92nd minute for a second yellow card, Walace didn’t want to leave the Uruguayans with too much time to try and score a goal in the final stage group match.

So what did he do? Walk for a few seconds after his cynical foul which ended in a second yellow and then red, and then simply fell to the pitch, crossed his arms behind his head and refused to remove himself until he was carted off by the medics on a stretcher, as if he was actually hurting from something.

The tournament, which determines which teams go to the 2016 Olympic games (Brazil will play there in any case) and also the 2015 U-20 world championship culminates in a six-team group with the top four teams going to the World Cup.