Washington Wizards – John Wall Walks All Over the Pathetic New York Knicks

John Wall

The Washington Wizards opened the NBA on Christmas action with an easy, breezy  102-91 victory over the sad joke of a basketball team that are the New York Knicks, led by John Wall who did whatever he wanted on the court. The only time someone from the losing side actually stood up to him was Quincy Acy, and he got ejected for his foolish actions.

Acy, frustrated from being part of a group that has now lost 26 games through their first 31 of the season and 16 of the last 17. Carmelo Anthony actually had what should have been the performance of the night when you combine all games, but his 34 points were rather meaningless in the grand scheme of things, putting up superstar numbers almost nightly on the team everyone is enjoying making fun of on a daily basis.

Wall made the Knicks’ defense fall apart with every pick and roll he started or any time he drove into the paint. After 24 points and 11 assists, it was easy to crown the king of the game, joining a long list of players who have put on great performances against the Knicks at the Madison Square Garden – this season, on Christmas in general and over the last couple of years especially, showing how quickly a mostly solid basketball team can fall apart under the right circumstances.

The sad thing about the Knicks? They don’t seem to put up any sort of resistance. Acy throwing elbows and punches doesn’t count – brawling doesn’t get you anywhere in the NBA. Anytime a team can shoot almost 50% from beyond the arc, outrebound you on both ends and be allowed to score 50 points in the paint while turning the ball over only when they make mistakes instead of being forced into ’em, you know it was an easy game. Too easy than it should be.

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