Where to Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live

The sixth El Clasico match of the season will take place in the Santiago Bernabeu, with Real Madrid looking to beat Barcelona at their home stadium in a league match for the first time since 2008, and if you don’t know where to watch it live, we’re here to help.

Barcelona are coming into the match feeling bruised, maybe broken. The 2-0 loss to AC Milan in the Champions League was followed by a devastating 1-3 home defeat in the Spanish Cup to their biggest rivals, not only knocking them out of the cup, but also really shaking up the balance of power in Spain, and the confidence in the Barcelona system. Lionel Messi, as always the top scorer in all competitions across Europe this season, suddenly seems beatable, stoppable, human.

On the other side, Real Madrid might not be in the running for the league title, but they’re feeling they have the right kind of formula to not only beat Barcelona once again, with their counter attack system working to perfection, but also on the right way to find the form to beat Manchester United in the Champions League, which at this stage in the season is much more important.

Where to watch – We have three recommended sources to use in this one. FirstRow offer these two options: 1 & 2. VIP box, in our opinion the strongest and least likely to crash of providers, offer plenty of options to choose from. We recommend picking the first. There’s always the Sopcast option which is also pretty reliable, but means you’ll have to download something on to your computer.