You Won’t Believe How Good This Model is in Soccer

It’s always surprising to see attractive women succeed in certain kinds of sports, especially soccer. So with that in mind, it’ll be quite shocking to see the skills Fiorella Castillo has to offer, even when wearing high heels.

This model, actress and producer (she really does keep herself busy) is a bit famous in Argentina for her looks and TV appearances, but she’s also doing quite well thanks to her ability in soccer.

This last weekend she went down to Mar del Plata and made quite an impression on streetwalkers by bouncing the ball quite easily despite not wearing the most comfortable of gear, which happened to be high heels, short shorts and a tiny Argentina shirt.

It isn’t going to be too much of a surprise if Castillo becomes a bit more renowned for both her looks and her soccer-skills, which means she might heavily feature during the 2014 World Cup for various reasons.