Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Perfect Night, an Even Better Goal

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Despite being in his 30’s, Zlatan Ibrahimovic seems to be getting better with age, pulling off a rare four-goal match as Paris Saint-Germain beat Anderlecht 5-0 in Brussels, which included the best goal we’ve seen this year with an incredibly powerful shot from 25 meters out.

It’s quite rare to actually see Ronaldo scoring ugly goals, so it’s no surprise to see him adding this incredible beauty to a long list of wonderful goals he’s scored in his career, despite this being a season where he’s leaving most of the scoring, in the league at least, to Edinson Cavani.

The same Cavani scored one of the five goals for PSG, but Ibrahimovic has now reached six goals this season in the competition, putting him one goal behind Cristiano Ronaldo for the top scorer in the Champions League.

The most important thing? It’s almost impossible for PSG, if there was any question about their chances of not finishing first, to not qualify. They’ve now won all three matches and are with the full nine points, putting them five ahead of both Olympiakos and Benfica, who will continue to battle it out for the second place in Greece two weeks from now after a 1-1 draw in Lisbon.

As for Ibrahimovic’s place in global football, it’s hard to deny that for the last three or four years he’s the best striker in the world. He moves on from team to team, winning championship after championship. Not succeeding (meaning no title) in the Champions League might hurt him in the overall rankings of the never ending debates about who the best player in the world is, but it’s hard to think of Ibrahimovic not belonging in any discussion, especially when it comes to pure strikers.

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