Zlatan Ibrahimovic – The Truth About Women’s Football

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lotta Schelin

There’s nothing politically correct about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but he’s not afraid to speak his mind and tell the truth about the difference between men’s and women’s football, even if most are afraid to say it.

In his most recent comment that’s making headlines, Ibrahimovic gave his opinion on the matter of equality between male and female athletes in the sports when it comes to financial rewards. Because women’s football hardly generates any incomes, it wouldn’t be fair to think that they should be equally rewarded like the men playing the game.

The comment came in the wake of a mini-storm right now in Sweden. Andres Svensson became the most capped player in the history of the Swedish national team, breaking Thomas Ravelli’s record of 143 international caps. The country’s FA gave Svensson a new Volvo for his achievement. However, Therese Sjogran, recently making her 187th cap for the women’s national team, was need gifted with such a prize for setting her record.

According to Zlatan, there’s nothing wrong with that.

With all respect for what the ladies have done, and they’ve done it fantastically well, you can’t compare men’s and women’s football. Give it up, it’s not even funny. When I come out in Europe they compare me to Messi and Ronaldo. When I come home they compare me to a female player. With all respect for the ladies, they should be rewarded in relation to what they generate financially. I was asked by the Swedish media in the summer who was the better player, me or Lotta Schelin. You’re joking with me, right? When I’ve broken all these records, this goal record, the goals in the national team, who shall I compare it to? Shall I compare it to whoever has the record, or the ladies?

It may not be popular today to be so blatant about the superiority of men’s football over that of women’s, but it’s hard to say he’s wrong. It’s impossible to even compare the amount of people following each sport, or how everything is translated into money. Not just in Sweden, but all around the world.

Ibrahimovic might have just won himself a few more weeks of getting beaten up by the press and probably some feminist groups, but he’ll probably live with that and not worry too much. He’s said and done worse than simply telling the truth.