2012 NFL Pro Bowl Infographic

The NFL released the names of the starters and reserves for the 2012 Pro Bowl game that will be held, as usual, in Hawai’i, on January 29, 2012. The AFC vs NFC showdown will take place a week exactly before Super Bowl XLVI, so get ready for plenty of changes and alternates to come up, as those who will make it to the big game won’t play in the Pro Bowl.

That’s not the only reason the Pro Bowl suffers from a bad reputation. Injuries happen quite a lot in such a physical sport, and more of those who are chosen by fans and coaches tend to miss out on the end of season celebration at the Aloha Stadium. The fact that the game is held at the end of the season instead of dead smack in the middle of it is another problem. The very nature of the American Football, which is very All-Starish in nature, hurts as well.

But lets get back to selections. The New England Patriots lead the AFC with 8 players, followed by the Baltimore Ravens with 7 and the Pittsburgh Steelers with 5. Safe to say one of these team (I’m betting on the Ravens) will make the Super Bowl. In the NFC,¬†surprisingly, the San Francisco 49ers lead the way with 8. The Green Bay Packers are next with 7 while the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints follow with 5. We’re betting on the Packers.

The Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans aren’t sending anyone to the 2012 Pro Bowl.