NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Planning on Using Percy Harvin at Cornerback?

Image: Source
Image: Source

There are always some interesting surprised when it comes to player positioning during training camp. One of the notable ones this weekend is the Buffalo Bills giving Percy Harvin some snaps at Cornerback.

According to Chris Brown of the team’s official site, it was Harvin who asked Ryan to give him some snaps on the defensive end. Harvin is a wonderful athlete who is used as a wide receiver all over the field or even getting handoffs from quarterbacks as teams utilize his skill set in various ways, so maybe a defensive evolution is the next step for him?

Harvin needs a big year. He can be released after this season without the Bills having to give up anything, and it’s been a while since he’s been meaningful and productive over a long period of time. After helping out the Seahawks in the 2013-2014 NFL season, coming back from injury just before the playoffs and helping them win the Super Bowl, he was basically thrown out last season and didn’t really make an impact on the Jets, not a place for a wide receiver to succeed in.

With the Bills that might be difficult to do as well. Their quarterback situation is up in the air right now, and either way, Harvin isn’t going to be getting balls thrown at him by one of the best in the league. Who knows, after contributing offensively in every possible way including returning kicks, maybe covering wide receivers is the next thing for him.