Dirk Nowitzki Meme Making Fun of Seth Curry, Dallas Mavericks Current Situation

Dirk Nowitzki Meme Making Fun of Seth Curry, Dallas Mavericks Current Situation

The Dallas Mavericks never expected to sign someone like Stephen Curry in this free agency, but it’s hard to imagine Dirk Nowitzki not being disappointed when Seth Curry is one of the additions, as this meme, which is more of a criticism at the state of the Dallas Mavericks, describes.

The Mavericks won’t be bad next season. They can’t be, not while Nowitzki is leading this team. But it was another offseason of not being regarded as one of the top teams for the premier free agents on the market. Kevin Durant? Al Horford? The Mavericks weren’t on their list. They haven’t been on anyone’s list since winning the championship in 2011, as Mark Cuban broke up his title team to avoid luxury tax, and has failed in putting it back together again.

Nowitzki, in an interview during the offseason, made interesting ponderings about why the Mavericks have been unsuccessful in pursuing big name free agents, and often seem to be working on a season-to-season basis, changing half their roster every time, usually swapping second and third tier players while Nowitzki get a year older. Maybe it’s the coach, maybe players don’t want to play next to Nowitzki. Maybe Cuban isn’t the genius owner he thinks he is.

Cuban was able to put together expensive teams before the luxury tax. Since then, despite being in a pretty big market, he’s afraid of going a little bit overboard, and remains a step behind everyone. Seth Curry is just a symptom, and another player like Austin Rivers who is in the NBA because of his family connections and not his ability. The Mavericks remain mediocre or  bit more, and probably won’t be moving upwards anytime soon.

Dirk Nowitzki Seth Curry Meme

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