Stephen Curry & Russell Westbrook Meme About Golden State Warriors Hate

Stephen Curry & Russell Westbrook Meme About Golden State Warriors Hate

The current trend among most NBA fans is hating the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry included. This recent meme/stat comparison roaming around comparing his career numbers with those of Russell Westbrook is just another piece in that anti-Warriors puzzle.

The logic behind the meme is, well, faulty. It puts Westbrook’s career totals next to Curry’s, showing Westbrook has more points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. It even notes Westbrook’s achievement by showing Curry is older (by 242 days for those looking for exact numbers).

But Westbrook has been in the NBA a year more than Curry. He has 92 more regular season games. Averages is something a bit better to compare, and Curry ranks higher in points (22.4 vs 21.5) and steals (1.8 to 1.7), while besting Westbrook in other categories as well, especially 3-point shooting. Curry has made 44.4% of his shots from downtown. Westbrook is a 30.2% 3-point shooter, including going sub .300 over the last two seasons.

And Curry has Westbrook beat in two very important factors: He has two MVPs to Westbrook’s zero, and Curry is an NBA champion, while Westbrook is not. More than anything, this meme-comparison shows how easily narratives are flipped. Until not long ago, Westbrook was the bad guy ruining Kevin Durant’s chances of winning a championship. Now, anything associated with the Warriors is evil, making it easier to root against them and even Curry due to Durant joining them, although a subpar finals appearance and the arrogance radiating from the Warriors before their fall has something to do with it too.

Curry vs Westbrook meme

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