Golden State Warriors Meme Hinting at How Good They’ll Probably Be

Golden State Warriors Meme Hinting at How Good They’ll Probably Be

When you get past the memes making fun of the Golden State Warriors, be it Stephen Curry choking, Draymond Green being a bully, Kevin Durant turning into a villain and Klay Thompson kinda embarrassing himself, what’s left is this: They’re the best team in the NBA.

Maybe not champions, and maybe with a cracked image compared to the unbeatable monicker they built up over two seasons, but the addition of Durant, even through different departures and other changes, makes the Warriors the best team in the league, and it’s hard to find someone that’ll argue with that.

The Warriors were a better team than the Cavaliers last year, or at least with overall more talented players, except for maybe the top two spots on each roster. And while the NBA might do a “better job” of placing the actual best team on the winner’s podium at the end of the season than the major sport leagues in North America, winning a championship is often about getting hot at the right moment, not being the best team overall.

We can argue semantics, but the bottom line is that the Warriors are the favorites to win the NBA championship with Durant joining them. Difficulties in adjusting offensively? Problems making the defense work with him and without Andrew Bogut? Sure. But just the talent presented in this image, which includes Andre Iguodala, is enough to put them over everyone else. However, it doesn’t promise anything about the outcome of the Finals series in June 2017. It doesn’t even promise they’ll get there. It means everyone expects them to. And if they don’t? Well, then the memes won’t be as nice as this one.


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