37 Best Memes of Florida State Crushed by Louisville; Bonus Oklahoma & Oregon Memes

37 Best Memes of Florida State Crushed by Louisville; Bonus Oklahoma & Oregon Memes


An upset was in the air, but no one at Florida State thought their visit to Louisville would be so humiliating, resulting in an endless stream of memes, making fun of them and especially of celebrity porn star fan Mia Khalifa. Oregon and Oklahoma (appearing on this for the second time this season) got their fair share of Internet jokes coming their way too.

For the Seminoles, this wasn’t just a sign that they’re probably not going to win the ACC this season. It was a punch in the face, from Lamar Jackson and everyone on that Louisville team, not letting go until their opponents were out for the count, out for the season maybe. The Khalifa jokes are funny because of her profession, but the real joke here is at the expense of Jimbo Fisher and his players, who quit at some point, which should never happen.

Oklahoma lose their second big game of the season, as their credibility and aura of success under Bob Stoops continues to erode. They were never in it with a much better Ohio State team, that looks like a national title contender. The Sooners? They might win the Big 12 yet, but it won’t put them in the playoffs.

And Oregon continue to show that life is difficult in the era post Marcus Mariota. Mike Riley finally beat the Ducks, only he did it with a big N on his hat, leading Nebraska to their biggest win since stunning Michigan State last season with a prayer of a touchdown, which didn’t stop the Spartans from winning the Big Ten. The Ducks look like they’re going to need at least one more year before they can recapture the Pac-12, with Stanford and Washington looking like the better teams right now.

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