Memes Won’t Stop Making Fun of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors

Memes Won’t Stop Making Fun of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors


The offseason after losing in the NBA Finals is always a difficult one. It’s especially hard in the meme-dominated era of social media, as Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors teammates have to endure being called losers, chokers and a bunch of other things, some more vicious than others, although some of them are true.

Fact: The Warriors are the first team in NBA history to drop a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals. Make of that what you will. Chokers? Losers? Perhaps. Curry didn’t have the best of Finals series, and the Warriors crumbling when they were one win away from eternal greatness emphasizes some of the things people have been saying about Curry: He might not be historically great. Not yet, and not without a Finals MVP, or more than just one season of truly elite basketball.

Arguable: Whether or not Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love missing the 2015 finals, leaving LeBron James to fend on his own, is the only reason Curry and the Warriors won the NBA title. In 2016, Irving and Love both played, with Irving starring and Love playing his role well. Results? The Cavaliers won. Correlation does not imply causation. But the Warriors and especially Curry hated hearing about how their championship came due to Cavaliers injuries in 2015. After losing in the 2016 finals, Curry complained about playing injured in the postseason. That, and other arrogant traits he and his teammates added to their repertoire over the last year, make it so satisfying to see them getting picked on through memes and other social media avenues.

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