Stephen Curry & Golden State Warriors Choking Memes Keep Getting Funnier

Stephen Curry & Golden State Warriors Choking Memes Keep Getting Funnier

Usually, running the same joke over and over again becomes less and less funny. But turns out making memes about Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors choking in the 2016 NBA finals is becoming a more and more creative task.

The last version might be my favorite over the last four months: Curry calling up Kevin Durant, telling him about a nightmare. Which one? Kyrie Irving sinking the game winning 3-point shot over him. Curry calling Durant up could be a metaphor to the Warriors going out and signing Durant after losing the NBA championship.

But that’s a bit skewing reality. The Warriors would have signed Durant, or at least gone after him either way. Harrison Barnes was always going to be the one left out. Andrew Bogut was always going to be traded. The Warriors roster this season, more or less, was always going to look like this, regardless of the Cavaliers beating them in the finals or not.

But as the Warriors shot right up to the most hated team in the NBA throne surprisingly quickly, getting a boost by signing Durant away from the Oklahoma City Thunder, it still remains fun seeing memes and jokes taking shots at their finals ineptitude. Arrogant teams deserve such treatment. It might not stop them from actually beating everyone up next season, but simply knowing some of these really do care about the things being said about them makes these memes even better.


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