19 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 7

19 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 7

The list of big losers following the action in week 7 of the college football season is long and painful, making an interesting meme lineup: Michigan State falling apart, Tennessee getting crushed, North Carolina State throwing away an easy win, Miami losing two in a row at home, Ole Miss choking and Georgia carrying on with a miserable season.

We’ll begin with Clemson and the Wolfpack. State had the Tigers on the ropes, but missed three field goals, had to go to overtime and lost. Clemson are still undefeated, but their fans rushing the field (something they do every game) was extremely pathetic on this occasion. Staying in the ACC, Mark Richt has a lot more work to do, as Miami lost at home for the second week in a row to a conference opponent (North Carolina), which means they won’t be ranked this week.

On to the SEC, with Tennessee getting crushed (49-10) by Alabama. Not just a second loss in a row, but maybe exposing them as an overrated team. Not just not a top 10 team, but probably not a top 25 team right now. Another team that should get knocked out of the top 25 are Ole Miss, losing to Arkansas. Voters really like the Rebels, but with 3 losses already, it’s going to be difficult to keep voting them in. Georgia? Let’s just say Kirby Smart has a very long way to go before the Bulldogs can threaten anyone, even in the SEC East.

We finish with Michigan State, losing their fourth game in a row, this time to Northwestern. Things can get a lot worse very quickly for them, with both Michigan and Ohio State on the schedule. They’re 0-3 now, and look like they might be headed to only their second losing season under Mark Dantonio, already losing more conference games than in the previous three years combined.

north-carolina-state-kicker-crying-jordan kirby-smart-crying-jordan georgia-mascott-crying-jordan wolfpack-crying-jordan clemson-rush-the-field-losers miami-straight-outta-the-top-25 clemson-mvp-ncstate-kicker sparty-crying-jordan vt-hokies-crying-jordan ken-bone-michigan-state-meme michigan-state-missing mark-richt-the-u-crying-jordan-2 smokey-crying-jordan tennessee-vols-crying-jordan da-u-isnt-back tennessee-fan-crying-jordan tennessee-back-to-back-ls ole-miss-crying-jordan smokey-ashamed

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