15 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 8

15 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 8

Not a whole lot of teams worthy of making fun of in week 8. But Ohio State losing to Penn State and Texas A&M crushed by Alabama more for make up for it, being their first loss of the season and all.

The Buckeyes made for the more surprising loss. The #2 in the country, beating the Nittany Lions in almost every possible category. And yet their special teams were awful, with a blocked punt and eventually a blocked field goal that led to Penn State’s winning touchdown. Yes, Urban Meyer and the offensive coordinator had their annual f***-up game. Yes, the refs missed some calls that went in Penn State’s favor. But if Ohio State were as good as we thought they were, they wouldn’t have lost on that botched field goal.

The season isn’t over for Ohio State, but this might not be that surprising, considering how young this team is. They can still beat Michigan and win the Big Ten, but right now, they’re no longer in the driver’s seat, something the Buckeyes aren’t really used to under Urban Meyer.

And as for A&M? Their loss was expected. It simply puts a depressing exclamation mark on where Alabama are and where everyone else in the SEC happen to be right now. They have the best team in the nation, but I’m not sure, despite all the love they’re getting from the polls who simply can’t get enough of even four loss teams like Ole Miss, that it’s the best conference.

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