Sadio Mane Can’t Stop Copying His Liverpool Teammates Goal Celebrations

Sadio Mane Can’t Stop Copying His Liverpool Teammates Goal Celebrations

Pretty simple: If you’re a Liverpool fan, you’ll find this video of Sadio Mane copying the goal celebrations of Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho adorable and sweet. If you’re not, maybe you’ll hate it, but it’s all about the team you like. The video is awesome when looking at it objectively:

Even when he doesn’t score, Sadio Mane, who apparently didn’t take the behavior class about responses to goals by your own team from Cristiano Ronaldo, is happy. Well, not always. He can have frustrating days on the pitch when nothing work, but the Senegalese star is usually doing quite well for Liverpool, and when that happens, he’s all about smiles and celebrations.

Since joining Liverpool from Southampton, Mane has scored 4 league goals, but it does seem that his copycat moves, learning as he goes along from the looks of things, might be an even more unique attribute to his Liverpool career so far. I’m not sure if he’s still figuring out his own goal celebrations and trying to see which one works for him, or simply trying to fit in when his friends score goals.


One thing is sure: Liverpool are going to miss Mane when he goes away for the Africa Cup of Nations in 2017. Senegal are in a group with Tunisia, Algeria and Zimbabwe, winning all their six matches in the qualification group. Mane scored 3 goals during the qualifying tournament, and is their best player heading into the tournament, which will be held in Gabon.

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