17 Best Memes of the Chicago Cubs Forcing a Game 7 in the World Series

17 Best Memes of the Chicago Cubs Forcing a Game 7 in the World Series

There are few things as wonderful as a game 7 to decide a championship, so while we’re celebrating the Chicago Cubs giving us one more night of high quality baseball, meme makers are celebrating the Cleveland Indians on the verge of an epic collapse.

Remember a few days ago? The Indians had a 3-1 lead, completely dominating the Cubs thanks to their pitching. But turns out they need Corey Kluber on the mound like the deserts need the rain, as playing with Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin simply didn’t work.

The Cubs found their offense in game 6, mostly in the form of a Grand Slam home run from Addison Russell, who has been disappointing in this series. It was the Cubs best offensive performance in the series, hoping that the rested Indians bullpen doesn’t have a shot of holding down a lead, which if it’s Miller-Shaw-Allen, means bad news for the Cubs.

The bigger story here will be the Cubs winning, no doubt. However, for people who make memes designed to laugh and mock teams/players, the Cubs losing provides a gold mine of jokes, considering they’re the bigger team and story overall. The Indians? They have a shot at making history for better or worse. A city that mocked the Warriors for dropping a 3-1 lead is now about to do the same thing.

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