33 Best Memes of Cubs Winning the World Series as the Indians Choke

33 Best Memes of Cubs Winning the World Series as the Indians Choke

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, the Cleveland Indians choked away a 3-1 lead. The memes obviously went wild on both teams, but didn’t forget about the connection to the 2016 NBA Finals, mentioning LeBron James and Stephen Curry, along with the Golden State Warriors, quite a lot.

We’ll begin with the good, which is the Cubs. The curse is over. Theo Epstein has done it again, after ending the curse in Boston he’s done it in Chicago, elevating him into something of a baseball god status. The best team in Baseball actually went all the way, which doesn’t happen as often as you’d think. One wonders if this is the beginning of a dynasty, or maybe we’re way off.

When you talk about memes, you have to focus about the losing end of the equation. The Indians, and the city of Cleveland. The Indians led 3-1, and managed to tie the game at 6-6. But Corey Kluber failed them at the moment of truth. Andrew Miller failed them at the moment of truth. In short, the Indians are now infamous for one of the biggest choke-jobs in sports history.

And speaking of choking, the Warriors, an NBA team, somehow saw a little bit of revenge in how the Indians lost this series, thinking the same fans are the people who made fun of them on behalf of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Suddenly, Stephen Curry is happy? Probably not, he’s an Indians fan. LeBron James, seen screaming in the stands when things were going well, was definitely not happy, although he has plenty of things to help him forget about his baseball team losing. Like his NBA championship ring from five months ago.

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