20 Best Memes of the Warriors Crushed by the Lakers

20 Best Memes of the Warriors Crushed by the Lakers

This season, when the Golden State Warriors lose, they lose big, and the memes come flying out. The Los Angeles Lakers are the heroes of the day for slaying the big bad dragon, the team everyone hates right now.

Stephen Curry was an easy target after this game. He missed all of his 10 three-point attempts and the sad looks on the faces of the Warriors big 4 is something NBA fans just can’t get enough of. Twice in 10 days as t hey enter garbage time, only on the losing end.

Kevin Durant, as always, played well. But the jokes obviously put him at the center as well. Be it jokes of him leaving the Warriors for the Lakers because he lost, or a hilarious Westbrook and Durant meme inspired by the movie ‘300’, KD is going to see a lot of these memes poking fun at him whenever the Warriors lose.

The Lakers? They were actually made fun of as well. A team with very little to show for since 2010 is probably celebrating their two wins over the Warriors this year a little bit too much; at least their fans are. But who knows, Luke Walton seems to be on the right path of changing that. Celebrating small milestones along the way isn’t too bad, especially when it’s beating the team everyone hates right now.

warriors-lakers-rigged-meme jesus-kobe steph-curry-not-best-shooter-meme dont-worry-we-got-you curry-crying-jordan-commercial kd-after-losing-to-the-lakers dangelo-owns-curry salty-curry-fans-excuses warriors-losers-faces laughing-at-draymond durant-i-came-here-for-this stephen-curry-triple-double-meme lakers-fans-be-like-meme lakers-beat-the-warriors-banner larry-nance-david-west-dunk-meme is-this-real-life-meme durant-westbrook-300-meme curry-crying-jordan-mouthpiece curry-romo-meme david-west-crying-jordan

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