12 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 10

12 Best Memes of College Football’s Biggest Losers in Week 10

It’s unlucky for Michigan State, Texas A&M and LSU. In week 10, they starred in the memes, because very few teams people actually care about lost.

But that was pretty much in terms of people trying to be creative and make fun of teams. Oregon losing? Boring. Notre Dame losing? Not interesting anymore. Nebraska dropping a game against Ohio State? No one is surprised, and most were concerned with Tommy Armstrong who turned out to be OK. Baylor losing? People are just happy, but the Bears don’t have much of a national presence.

So that leaves us with the Aggies, who lost their second game this season to Mississippi State of all teams. This pretty much puts them out of the SEC West race, and makes a mockery of the CFP committee’s decision to rank them as the #4 team in the nation. LSU are the other SEC West team getting laughed at. They did hold Alabama to just 10 points, but they also scored 0 points, and leave Auburn as the last line of defense against the charging Crimson Tide.

And Michigan State? This could be just a down year, but it’s the worst season in the Mark Dantonio era, losing their sixth straight game. Turns out their opening two wins of the season were against an FCS team and what we learned are a bad Notre Dame team. This could man a massive cleanup at coaching level, and maybe puts Dantonio, as difficult as it is to imagine, on the hot seat.

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