20 Best Memes of the Cowboys Destroying the Browns

Another week, another loss for the Cleveland Browns. The team is so pathetic it’s not even fair making fun of them through memes, but they did lose to the Dallas Cowboys, which makes them the center of attention, sort of.

The Cowboys have the best record in the NFL, along with the New England Patriots. All that without Tony Romo, who is hovering in the background, but right now the mention of his name is more of a problem-maker than the salvation it used to offer. Dak Prescott, along with a terrific team around him that includes the sensational Ezekiel Elliott, is making the most of the opportunity given to him.

As if the Browns didn’t need someone else on their team requiring pity, there’s Jamie Collins. Two weeks ago, a key defensive player on the best team in the NFL (the New England Patriots). Fast forward to now, and you get a depressed looking linebacker, who probably knows he isn’t going to taste victory for another time this season.

One of the interesting things about the Cowboys this season is their ability to hide the other failures in the city. The Rangers messed up big time in the playoffs, the Mavs have been horrible since the season began, so have the Stars. TCU aren’t awful, but this isn’t a season they’ll be proud of when it’s over. Once again, the Cowboys are the pride of the city and the state of Texas.

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