25 Best Memes of Michigan, Clemson & Washington Getting Upset

25 Best Memes of Michigan, Clemson & Washington Getting Upset

There’s nothing like a week of complete chaos in college football which shreds the rankings and changes everything. Meme makers celebrated the first one we had all season, which includes the number 2, 3 and 4 teams in the nation; Michigan, Clemson and Washington, all losing for the first time.

Michigan lost on a last second field goal kick at Iowa, a place the Wolverines rarely do well at. Clemson lost in a similar manner to Pittsburgh. Washington simply got schooled by the red hot USC, in Seattle. But the funny thing, while the Wolverines, Huskies and Tigers are at the losing end of all the jokes, it doesn’t really change anything regarding their conference championship situation. Michigan still lead the Big Ten East which is tied with three teams at one loss. Clemson have the head-to-head edge over Louisville in the ACC. Washington’s season and Pac-12 championship bid is still in their hands, if they win against Arizona State and Washington State.

Meanwhile, these wins give hope to Ohio State and Louisville that might jump over Michigan and Clemson in the rankings. But the rankings change depending on who wins the conferences. Ohio State jumping Michigan now doesn’t mean anything if they don’t get into the conference title game. The same goes for Louisville, who need another Clemson loss, although different outcomes in the championship game could mean creative selections by the committee. But that’s a few weeks ahead of us. For now, we simply laugh at the teams losing for the first time this season.

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