33 Best Memes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & the Warriors Choking Against LeBron James, Kyrie Irving & the Cavaliers

33 Best Memes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & the Warriors Choking Against LeBron James, Kyrie Irving & the Cavaliers


The next chapter in the rivalry between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors was a splendid one, resulting in some fantastic memes praising LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Richard Jefferson, while making fun of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry.

The jokes about Durant had nothing to do with his play: He carried the Warriors all game long in the 109-108 loss, scoring 36 points. But his loyalty is a subject of scrutiny, so making fun of him joining every team that beats the Warriors never get old. However, both Thompson and Curry didn’t have a good night. Thompson got dunked on by a 36-year old Richard Jefferson (Durant got posterized by him too), and then saw Kyrie Irving sink the game winning shot over him. Curry was bad against the Cavaliers again, and his defense along with his shaky passing got him benched on the Cavs final possession, as he hid his face while Irving won the game. Wait a minute… Durant slipped on the final possession. Choker.

LeBron was great, but left the floor for Kyrie to deliver once again. This is just a regular season game, but just like the Warriors seemed too good for the Cavs in the regular season a year ago, there seems to be some mental edge the Cavs have at this point, winning the last four games between the two teams. That’s some heavy analysis to throw on a one-point win achieved with less than four seconds to go, but there’s nothing like some overreacting four months before the playoffs.

chokers thats-cute number-one-choker if-he-dies-he-dies warriors-book-of-excuses kd-cant-save-you durant-be-like-my-next-chapter crying-curry durant-choking-reggie-miller-style rj-wikipedia one-player-away merry-xmas-warriors lebron-owns-draymond-steph kyrie-kobe game-8 spot-curry at-that-moment-klay-knew-he-fucked-up blowing-a-lead blew-a-3-1-lead a-clutch-point-guard crying-klay warriors-nightmare curry-bad-dream kill-em-rie baptizing-the-pbs-logo crying-ayesha bronze-state-warriors getting-dunked-on-by-an-old-man folder-empty choke therapy westbrook-durant-christmas

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