UCONN Butler Game : U G L Y

Calhoun said defense, I say bad execution. Yes, “purists” and old school whatever people might have enjoyed it. I don’t know. When one of the teams shoots a championship game worst 18.8% from the field (12-64) and not that much because of the Huskies defense, no matter what people tell you, it’s kind of embarrassing to watch.

I didn’t really notice it but as the game progressed and both teams kept jacking up those three pointers (a combined 10-44, with Butler going 9-33), I felt like flippin’ channels. Exciting, hustle, grit, it was there. But basketball, for me, college or NBA, has to come with some skills and ability. The best individual talent on the court, Kemba Walker, had an awful 5-19 night. I don’t think it’ll hurt his NBA future, but he settled for too many shots instead of making more of an effort to find something better.

Butler’s Chase Stigall took nine three point shots, nine in 16 minutes. Shelvin Mack took eleven, finishing with 4-15 from the field. UConn did play good defense, but Butler’s nerves and soley relying on their outside shot was just too little and few for such a big stage.

It was a great tournament, one of the best March Madness runs in recent memory. Still, this finals game was probably one of the worst ever if not the worst. UConn fans enjoyed it, but I’m not sure how many more got the basketball they deserved and expected from the biggest game in college basketball.

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