18 Best Memes of Ohio State Humiliated by Clemson in the College Football Playoffs

18 Best Memes of Ohio State Humiliated by Clemson in the College Football Playoffs

And so the memes begin. Ohio State got shutout in the college football playoff semifinal by Clemson, so they got the Ronda Rousey treatment, which means gloves off as Urban Meyer and the Buckeyes took shots from everywhere for their humiliating performance on such a big stage.

And so maybe this will force the committee to choose only conference champions to the playoffs (unless some weird situation develops). The Buckeyes ended up losing their second game, with many now capable of claiming they didn’t even belong in the playoffs, and Penn State got shafted by the committee.

This was the third time Ohio State met Clemson, and the second time under Meyer. Once again they had no answer to what Dabo Swinney prepared for them, only this time it looked real bad; Michigan State, last year kind of bad. And to think this was the team many people thought had the best chance of beating Alabama. We’re getting a repeat of our championship game, something that hasn’t happened in the BCS era or the CFP, which is only in its third year.

Urban Meyer’s record at Ohio State is incredible. One or two losses a season. But only one conference title to show for it, and unlike their previous visit to the playoffs, this time it felt forced, as they barely made it in, and it showed when it mattered the most, which could be an important signal for the rest of college football and especially those making the rankings at the end of the season.

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