13 Best Memes Leading Up to Super Bowl 51

13 Best Memes Leading Up to Super Bowl 51

With Super Bowl 51 between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots rapidly approaching (or already in progress), one good way to pass the time is watching some Super Bowl memes.

They don’t have to be about the teams in the Super Bowl: A lot of the memes making us smile in the hours and minutes before the big spectacle in Houston have to do with the teams that missed it. Like the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns who have never been. Like the Dallas Cowboys who haven’t been for a long time, and missed it this season despite a big year. Or the the San Francisco 49ers, who look like the furthest thing from making it that far at the moment.

And then there are the teams in the Super Bowl. The Patriots, four-time champions, the team with more Super Bowl appearances than anyone. The big favorites, including Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who just won’t retire, or stop being great. Which makes the majority of people watching the game root for them to lose. The Falcons, a team that gets very little national media exposure, have the majority of the Super Bowl audience supporting them.

How does this end? Life rarely has happy endings, and for most of the United States, that means the Patriots winning it for a fifth time in their ninth trip. This means Brady and Belichick have more Super Bowl rings than any other QB and coach. And they’re not close to being done from what it seems. The only good thing about it, even for those who wish they’d lose, is having Roger Goodell being forced to hand the trophy to someone on the Patriots.

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