24 Best Memes of the 2017 NFL Draft

24 Best Memes of the 2017 NFL Draft

The first round of the 2017 NFL draft provided us with one predictable and one surprising piece of comedy: Everyone knew Myles Garrett was going to the Cleveland Browns, but Mitch Trubisky going to the Chicago Bears was the real driving force behind the draft night memes.

The Bears had the third overall selection. For some reason, they were afraid they’d lose out on Trubisky, so gave up quite a lot to move up one place in the draft, and all for Trubisky, a good quarterback who many believe can become a solid NFL starter, but not right away, and certainly not worth giving up so much for.

But the Bears haven’t made the postseason in six straight seasons for a reason – something isn’t working right in their front office, and unless this pick delivers quick results, it won’t be surprising to see more changes on the sidelines and at general manager soon.

The Browns took Garrett, the obvious and safe choice at first. Whether or not the Browns are the dream of every footballer (they’re not), it’s a good pick for a team that needs help everywhere. Experts, who are wrong as much as they’re right, believe they had a good first round, which included two more picks with Jabrill Peppers and David Njoku. More often than not, making the right picks later on has an even greater impact on the future of a franchise.

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