25 Best Memes of Durant, Curry & the Warriors Beating LeBron & the Cavs in Game 2

25 Best Memes of Durant, Curry & the Warriors Beating LeBron & the Cavs in Game 2

Not a lot has changed in game 2 of the NBA finals. LeBron James tried, but the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be a poor match to Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and the overall firepower of the Golden State Warriors, resulting in memes that feel like we’ve seen before.

The Warriors running away in the second half and blowing out the Cavaliers yet again seems to be leading to more discussions about parity in the NBA than about a potential comeback. The Cavaliers were in the same situation last season, seemingly hopeless. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people who believe they can turn this series around a year later. Maybe that’s good for them.

This series is the coronation of Durant as the NBA’s best player. All he needed was to join a team that won more games than anyone else in NBA history, so maybe there’s an asterisk hiding somewhere? No asterisk in the NBA. James seems to get tired during the second half for the second straight time. Durant? He’s on the sure way to win a first NBA champions and the Finals MVP, although Curry is giving him a run for his money.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers might be hoping Lil B returns his curse on Durant, because when it comes to basketball, even with the series going to Cleveland, there doesn’t seem a whole lot the Cavaliers can do in order to change the momentum and give us a shred of competitiveness. 

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