Houston Rockets Rumors: First Chris Paul, Then Take Paul George or Carmelo Anthony

Houston Rockets Rumors: First Chris Paul, Then Take Paul George or Carmelo Anthony

The Houston Rockets trading for Chris Paul seems to be only the beginning. If rumors suggesting an attempt to make some sort of big 3 happen, then the Rockets will pursue some sort of deal that lands them Paul George or Carmelo Anthony.

George wants out of Indiana, preferably now via trade. Whether his main goal is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018, he wouldn’t mind joining the Rockets, who now seem like a small superteam rising in Texas. The Rockets already have up on a first round pick next year, and making such a move for George will completely gut their depth chart and possibly their future. Remember, both Paul and George can bolt after the 2017-2018 season. And George seems to be eyeing more than just the Rockets: The Lakers, Boston and the Cavaliers are all options for him.

Another interesting direction the Rockets might go in is Carmelo Anthony. Let’s put the discussions about how three ball dominant players like Anthony, Harden and Paul can co-exist to another time. Even without Phil Jackson running the ship anymore, buying out Anthony doesn’t sound like such a terrible idea, considering he is still someone holding the Knicks back from truly getting better. It all depends on whether Anthony is finally willing to leave New York, a city he seems surprisingly attached to considering the prospect of doing something beyond making good money is non-existent.

Carmelo Anthony, Paul George

Anthony, unlike George, doesn’t have much of a demand around the league. However, his arrival in Houston makes little sense in terms of basketball and his fit in the Mike D’Antoni system, not to mention he and D’Antoni probably don’t see eye to eye on a number of other things. Anthony can score points, but that’s it, and the Rockets need other things from anyone else they add to the interesting concoction they’ve been putting together.

Whoever joins the Rockets, be it a so-called superstar or a role player (probably better for the team), the Rockets are automatically going to be one of the teams pointed out as capable of dethroning the Warriors. Once again, we have to wonder if the concept of the superteam is the right way to go about this business.

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