NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Mentioned as Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Partner for Kyrie Irving

NBA Rumors: Phoenix Suns Mentioned as Cleveland Cavaliers Trade Partner for Kyrie Irving

According to the rumors, Kyrie Irving wants to be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. To where? The alleged 4-team list consists of the San Antonio Spurs, New York Knicks, Miami Heat and the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, the Phoenix Suns might present the best offer, at least from the Cavs perspective.

The Suns have been put in a position that makes them a very lucrative trading partner for plenty of teams, especially with their overload of point guards and their probable decision to move forward with Devin Booker while moving Eric Bledsoe elsewhere. Bledsoe even said he likes playing in Phoenix, but he wants to win too, possibly setting up the ground for a potential trade.

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If this deal would go through, it would include Bledsoe and the Suns first round draft pick in 2017, Josh Jackson out of Kansas. That wouldn’t be a bad deal for the Cavaliers if Bledsoe remains healthy which he struggles to do, but Irving wouldn’t be too happy about where he lands. It works in terms of money, with Jackson on his rookie deal and Bledsoe owed $29.5 million over the next two seasons. Irving has $39 million coming his way in the next two seasons before a player option he’s almost guaranteed to waive.

The Cavaliers signed Derrick Rose to a minimum contract yesterday, which to some signals that Irving is out of Cleveland sooner rather than later. While LeBron James tweeted a warm welcome to Rose, a player he sent packing in the playoffs a number of times during his career, he also mentioned the dumb rumors being spread by Stephen A. Smith (that James would beat up Irving if he happened to come across him), tweeting there is no truth to it.

Irving himself has stayed silent, while reporters and players have voiced their opinion. Even Adam Silver has mentioned he feels for the Cavaliers and their current situation. 

And what about LeBron James being traded? Some would say it would make a lot of sense to do it before he leaves for nothing. However, he has a no-trade clause, and rumors (yet, we’re working on rumors, with facts being very rare these days) suggest he won’t waive it no matter the offer, this season.

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