NBA: 5 Biggest Contracts of 2017 Free Agency

NBA: 5 Biggest Contracts of 2017 Free Agency

In the 2017 free agency, the NBA’s rising salary cap continued to help players land incredible contracts. Five of them, with Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin on the shortlist, signed $100 million deals, and even one, supermax $200 million contract.

5. Otto Porter, Washington Wizards: $106.5 million

Otto Porter

The Washington Wizards weren’t sure whether to hand Otto Porter a maximum deal or not, so the Brooklyn Nets offered him $106.5 million over four years. Being a restricted free agent, Porter waited for the Wizards to match. They did, and so he stayed with a team that some see as the best in the East heading into next season, unless the Cavaliers solve the Kyrie Irving thing. The 24-year old small forward averaged 13.3 points per game last season, and will be making $24.7 million in 2017-2018.

4. Gordon Hayward, Boston Celtics: $127.8 million

Gordon Hayward

Every summer has a player who pisses off an entire fanbase and a lot of other NBA fans. This time it was Gordon Hayward, giving up on the project in Utah just when everything was coming together to try and win things from the East. Hayward joins a team that made the Eastern conference last season, signing a 5-year deal which is even sweeter now that he’s playing for his college coach, Brad Stevens. Hayward averaged 21.9 points per game last season, and will make $29.7 million in 2017-2018.

3. Jrue Holiday, New Orleans Pelicans: $131.1 million

Jrue Holiday

Holiday stayed with the Pelicans on a 5-year deal, and will make $25.6 million next season. The often injured yet talented point guard averaged 15.4 points per game last season, but the Pelicans believe that if he can stay healthy, along with their twin tower approach, they can get back into the playoffs after two disappointing seasons. Holiday has a player option on his fifth year.

2. Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers: $171.1 million

Blake Griffin

The Clippers didn’t want to rebuild despite Chris Paul bolting to Houston, so they doubled down with Blake Griffin, handing him a massive 5-year deal (player option in 5th season), which will pay him $29.5 million in its first year. Griffin has been injured quite a lot in recent seasons, last playing over 67 games in 2013-2014. However, when he’s healthy, he’s one of the best power forwards in the game, averaging 21.6 points last season.

1. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors: $201.1 million

Stephen Curry

Following his second champions in three years with the Warriors, Curry became the first NBA player to sign the new Supermax contract, followed by James Harden and John Wall. Curry will make $34.6 million next season, and has no exit option in his deal over its 5 years. A two-time MVP, he averaged 25.3 points per game last season, his first next to Kevin Durant.

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